Long Hair VS Short Hair

I have really long hair so I was thinking about maybe getting short hair now. I’ve had them since a long time so that’s why I want a change now. Here’s a few celebrities with long and short hair:

Nina Dobrev:

6da61eb2cf7a87edb606445cb4bd0825 Variety Power of Youth

Jennifer Lawrence:

14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala - Red Carpet328ba393d5a075ff94bf64a63404c00f

Miley Cyrus:


Kylie Jenner:




So, Do you have short or long hair? Which one do you prefer?
I think that it depends on the shape of your face. What do you think?

My favourite designer ever.

Okay, so my favourite designer ever is Manish Malhotra.

I’m a huge huge huge fan of him and I think that he just changes the way I look at clothes. For anyone that doesn’t know Manish Malhotra, he is an Indian Designer and he’s been working for the bollywood industry for 25 years now. And to celebrate his 25 years Vogue India has invited a few Indian actresses to celebrate too. Here is the cover of the issue:




I think that everyone should check his clothes Indian or not Indian

(I’m not even indian and I love him.)

Congratulations to Manish Malhotra 🙂

TV Series Suggestions (Netflix)

I’ve been watching a lot of tv shows for the past few years, I never thought that I’d want to watch them because I found them sooo long but I am addicted to Netflix now 😛 Anyways, I’ll write down some suggestions that you might like.

  • Doctor Who (Science Fiction): I haven’t watched this show but my siblings have and they’re obsessed with it. So, if you’re a science fiction fan, go ahead and check it out. 🙂doctorwho_50th-anniversary-thumbnail_01

Vampire Diaries: Okay guys, this is one of the best show ever. At first I didn’t want to watch it because I wasn’t a fan of the ‘Vampire and Werewolfs’ thing but honestly, this is good.



The Originals: This show is a spin-off of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. I think that The Originals is more about war, family and love while in TVD almost everything was about Elena (Nina Dobrev). But this show is so so so good. Another reason to watch the show? Joseph Morgan’s accent ❤




Sherlock Holmes: This is a good show, if you like to watch anything with mystery involved or plot twists.




Friends: Okay, if there’s anything in this world that I want so much is a Friends reunion. This show will literally become your best friend, I am not even kidding. EVERYONE SHOULD TRY WATCHING THIS SHOW.




How I Met Your Mother: This show is a lot like Friends (I think so). But it is a funny show. I mean if you want to laugh and have around 25 mins, just watch it.


  • Gilmore Girls: I love this show and I think that the “mother and daughter” bond they show in this tv series is so cute. Anyways, this show is really good but I haven’t finished watching it. 😦 gilmore-girls-poster

I think it’s enough for right now but I have a feeling I’m missing on some great shows. Comment and suggest me your favourite tv series and I’ll make sure to check it out .

Thank you 🙂

Bold Makeup VS Nude Makeup


The struggle between choosing these two. Honestly, both of these looks are AMAZING. I don’t know about you but I like to think about the seasons too. For example, I’d go for a bolder look in Autumn and a “nuder” look in Spring or Summer. What do you think? Which one do you prefer? To help you decide, here are some pictures of celebrities with those looks.


Taylor Swift

taylor-swift-600x800 taylor-swift-american-music-awards-20132

Selena Gomez

batom-vinho-02_zps34501d0e     1e71e76793264232_selena-gomez-at-the-amas

Kim Kardashian

sophisticated-makeup-look-with-red-lips-and-cat-eyes  kimkardashian

For a nuder look, go for a lighter shade of lipstick, lipgloss or lipliner. It will change your whole look compared to a darker shade of lipstick. From what I see is that the lip colour changes your look a lot. So, what do you think? Nude or Bold?

Secret To Long Hair

Oil your hair
One of the best ways to get long hair faster is use hair oil, once a week or two. It will help your hair grow faster. Try argan oil, avocado, cocunut, grape seed, olive and so many other oils until you find one that suits you perfectly. After putting on oil, leave it on for about 2-3 hours and wash it off, I know oily hair is really annoying and to have it on for an hour or 2 is disgusting but seriously.. It’s worth it.
If you want a better result, try putting oil on your hair at night and wash it off at morning. Good Luck!


Face mask for facial hair (to get rid of them).

I once tried a face mask made with the help of flour and water, It worked out pretty well for me. You have to apply the face mask with your hands and rub it on your skin but not near the eyes or eyebrows. Once the flour dries up on your skin, it has this hard texture that you have to rub off gently and then moisturize your face. I’m not so sure if it works on every type of skin but it is used to stop facial hair. Anyways, here’s how to make this face mask.

  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • 1 or 1/2 table spoon of water

And that’s it girlies, your new face mask to get rid of unwanted hair.

I hoped it helped you and worked out great for you 🙂